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Science Kitchen on the 10th of July


Karin Harrasser will be our guest with


Space Dandies and Technohermaphrodites.
Extraterrestrial bodies in the last millennium


In the 20th Century the greatest terrors and greatest promises came from outer space. For Science Kitchen Karin Harrasser is going to prepare a special menu of the most emancipative and strangest notions of “Alien Sex”. What hopes were placed in “other bodies” like Ziggy Stardust, George Clinton, Genesis P. Orridge, Dandy Dust and their SF-mates? What ideas of sexual self-determination and collectivization did they have ready? And how do we like these ideas today, in the age of complete manipulability of physical substance?


Join us for our last Science Kitchen evening in this semester!




Space Dandies and Technohermaphrodites. Außerirdische Körper im letzten Jahrtausend
Aus dem Weltraum kamen im 20. Jahrhundert die größten Schrecken und die größten Versprechen. Für die Science Kitchen bereitet sie eine Speisefolge der emanzipativsten und seltsamsten Vorstellungen von “Alien Sex” zu. Welche Hoffnungen lagen in den “anderen Körpern” von Ziggy Stardust, George Clinton, Genesis P. Orridge, Dandy Dust und ihren SF-GefährtInnen? Welche Ideen von sexueller Selbstbestimmung und Kollektivierung hielten sie bereit? Und wie finden wir diese Ideen heute, im Zeitalter der Komplettmanipulierbarkeit der physischen Substanz?


Karin Harasser
ab April 2013 Professur für Kulturwissenschaft an der Kunstuniversität Linz, 2009-2013 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Forschungsschwerpunkte: Technik und Körper (Wissens- und Kulturgeschichte der Prothetik), Theorien des Subjekts, Historiographie und Film (Alexander Kluge), Erkenntnisformen der Kulturwissenschaften und der Künste. Neben der wissenschaftlichen Tätigkeit kuratorische und Vermittlungsprojekte u.a. für die Manifesta 7 (Nightlesson Nr. 1: On hesitation, 2008), die Kulturstifung des Bundes (Die Untoten. Life Sciences und Pulp Fiction, 2010).



The image shows David Bowie in his persona Ziggy Stardust, photograph by Mick Rock, 1972/1973 (Copyright Mick Rock 2013)






Science Kitchen presents facts and fictions of machine.
Diverse lectures/presentations and experiments will be converging on the topic, linked to science and science fiction as reference points.


In the seminar we will look upon scientific and artistic research areas, observing artifacts like space probes, discussing ideas of machine/technologization and rituals or systematics surrounding these, prosthetics as part of the human body and mind, molecular cuisine as algorithmic experiments….


Science Kitchen in its evening format will be established as a series of seminars, continued in following semesters.




on wednesdays, every two weeks 18:00 h at Lab3


17th April Prequel: Guest Lecture by Miha Turšič, Špela Petrič and Jerneja Rebernak about the project Voyager3/AS (Autopoietic System)


24th April Start of the seminar with introductionary topics

David Hahlbrock delving into Food Processing, Karin Lingnau introducing Science Fiction and/in History, Georg Trogemann talking about Cargo Cult.


08th May a short introduction by Clemens Kujawski and his guest Dr. Reinhard Leidl, including a round of discussion to a subtopic of Quantum Physics: wave-particle duality and decoherence.


22th May Thoughts by Christian Faubel about the facts and fictions of food (and) machines: What do you want to eat? Or: “l’aile ou la couisse?”


12th June Julia Scher and her notion about alien landing pads and the future


19th June Molecular cuisine en masse


10th July Karin Harrasser about Space Dandies and Technohermaphrodites.


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