• 2014
  • Damian Weber
  • Installation

okkupiert I is one big balloon of air, 3 x 3 x 5 m big, inflated by electric fans in intervals. In this state of complete inflation the whole space is filled and obstructed. Four to eight fans, one fluorescent tube and one small DMX control unit are part of the installation.


okkupiert I takes possession of exhibition spaces, it blocks accesses, but also grants an entrance. On the other hand there is the process of up and down scaling, like a dance between two breaths, an swelling and subsiding of a relative size. The play between visibility and invisibility, which connects and divides the inner space from the outer space, the public space.


The dance of the intervals caused by the flow of air, the organic movement of the otherwise liveless plastic material, suggests a living space inside a rather rigid architectural setting and occupies this space as a whole, just in between granting access for the human being.





After the first presentation during our “Rundgang 2014″ at Lab3 Damian Weber showed his work okkupiert in a form of series in several venues and festivals:


okkupiert I
Installation 2014
300 x 300 x 460 cm, PET-Folie, Ventilatoren, Elektrotechnik


Rundgang 2014



okkupiert II
Installation 2014
160 x 180 x 0,92 cm, PET-Folie, Ventilatoren, Elektrotechnik







okkupiert III
Installation 2014
480 x 480 x 69 cm, PET-Folie, Ventilatoren, Elektrotechnik





okkupiert IV wurde bei For Lovers ausgestellt in der Werft 77:




okkupiert V besetzt die Zuschauertribüne des Dortmunder Fletch Bizzel Theaters bei BRXT – For Lovers im Rahmen des FAVORITEN 2014 Theaterfestivals.
Am 29.10 im Fletch Bizzel Theater Dortmund. Ab 17 Uhr: “Diesmal sitzt der Zuschauer woanders”