Rundgang 2014 at Lab3

Some photos of the works presented at the “Rundgang” at Lab3 in july 2014.


Breathing space, alien hug machine, moving magnets, laptop-instrument and a return of fossil robotic creatures…


Works and experiments created at Lab3 question technologies, their aesthetics and socio-cultural contexts. Workshop results, makeshifts, experiments and epistemic objects are part of the presentation during the Rundgang 2014, allowing a look behind the scenes and onto technological premises of the academy of media arts.


This year were presenting at Lab3: Hanna Faber, Alexander Gurko, Maurits Boettger, Nieves de la Fuente GutiƩrrez, Judith Bornmann, Anna Baydak, Kim Mayer, Tina Rietzschel, Damian Weber, Sebastian Jazura, Christoph Kilian.