Cognition on the Edge

  • April 23-24, 2009
  • technarte, International Conference on Art & Technology, Bilbao, Spain

Ludwig Zeller will present the theoretical background and design process behind his diploma project › CubeBrowser.

The „Cognition on the Edge“ concept tries to think two branches of Distributed Cognition together: The concepts of Embodied Cognition on the one hand and Socially Distributed Cognition on the other. The former is describing our bodily-based existence in the world as a highly important foundation for all cognitive processes, while the latter tries to outline the distribution of intelligence across several or many people.

This talk explains these concepts in detail and presents the CubeBrowser project as the design study for a six display cube, which tries to be an experimental, interface between both described phenomena. A Tangible User Interface that allows for browsing “cyber-places” that are created out of the collective effort of thousands of Flickr users by feeding back their collective perceptions into the WWW. Thus, both branches of Distributed Cognition meet at the edge between the embodied user and the socially created cyber-place.

Additionally, there will be the possibility to test the latest prototype of CubeBrowser at the conference.