Dipl.-Ing. Martin Nawrath

  • System Engineer for Digital Media
  • Phone: +49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 331
  • Fax: +49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 230
  • Mail: nawrath@khm.de


Martin Nawrath was apprenticed to a firm of electrical installers until 1975. He obtained a qualification to enter Technical College in 1977 and began studying Electrical Engineering in Aachen and Cologne. After graduation in 1985 he was employed at GEFAS mbH as a software developer in industrial process control and in visualisation. He changed jobs to become a development engineer at DIGATEC mbH in the field of media and telecommunication devices followed by an employment at Lucas KG. In 1988 he founded ILN mbH as a fellow partner and head of developments. His function included the development of hardware and software for industries operating in the field of measuring and test engineering, weighing technology, machine tool manufacture, operating data control, network engineering, medical technology, laboratory systems for chemical industries and real-time databases for logistics systems. Since 1997, he has been employed as a systems engineer for digital media at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne where he is in charge of students’ projects, the students’ laboratory, software development interfaces and micro controllers in an arts and media context.



Forum Labor (group exhibition)
Pendel (light sculpture)


Lieblingsort Köln, installations in urban Cologne (group exhibition)
Cybergrillen (cluster of electronic insects)

Publications (Articles)


Theremino mit Arduino: Thereminoszillator als Näherungssensor

Martin Nawrath, in: Elektor 10/2009 (467), Aachen, 2009, 66-69,