Update (zo2)

  • Interactive Installation

  • 2003
  • Vera Doerk
  • Diploma Project

In the interactive computer-aided installation “Update (zo2)”, the view is confronted in real time with his own image taken by a camera.

The images are projected onto screen and become a part of a virtual, three-dimensional computer model.
The first of the five images in the model is updated every quarter of a second. The previous images are moved back one place in the sequence during each update. The computer is able to recognise the outlines of the people in front of the camera and uses this data to calculate co-ordinates for the net structures between the images. The resulting net shapes are therefore subject to constant transformation.

The viewer is able to influence the perspectival representation of the model by changing position in front of the camera and even turn it to the side, up or down. In addition, the sound is steered by movement. The frequency range and volume can be altered.