Schmarotzer (parasite)

  • Interactive Sound Installation

  • 2008
  • Oliver Salkic

“Schmarotzer” is an interactive sound-installation which is based on the theories of Heinz von Foerster. Three modified dictating machines are sharing one tape-loop. Together they are a one closed system. Two of the dictating machines are recording the sound of the environment and one dictating machine is playing the sound, the others have recorded. The two are recording again what the other one has played. The sounds are overlapping so long that in the end there is only a big noise to hear.

The result is a sound-collage of old and new recorded sounds. If a visitor approaches to the installation, an ultrasonic sensor notice the movement and a magnet is moving to the tape-loop. This magnet is than deleting all the acoustic information that has been on the tape-loop so that there is nothing more to hear on the tape.