Sampling a City

  • 2011
  • Oliver Salkic
  • Dimploma Project


Percussion Christian Nink
Bass Constantin Herzog
Accordion Ellen Müller
Woodwind Leonhard Huhn

The diploma project „Sarajevo: Sampling a City“ by Oliver Salkic is a homage to Sarajevo – a city which like a microcosm reflects middle and southern European history. This history is told by the facades of the city’s buildings that seem composed of four layers: Ottoman, Habsburgian, socialist and post-modern periods of administration. From these four epochs, single facades were taken as samples and arranged in a new form. Together with four musicians, these arrangements were transferred to modular, graphic notations and then interpreted acoustically.


The graphic notations are distributed vertically to the four instruments.


Each instrument uses one color

Percussion – red
Bass – blue
Accordion – orange
Woodwind – green


One act is composed of eight pieces.