NOWHERE is a landscape in the condition of development. the users of the german search-engines METAGER_ and METAGER2 erode rivers, canyons and valleys by their search-movements. search-requests, existing only for a fraction of a second on the internet, get inscribed in a block of pu-foarm (75cm x 75cm x 10cm) by a 3d milling-machine. the continuous stream of queries defines the rhythm of the machine.

NOWHERE works like a photo-optical long-time exposition. the shutter opens for a period of up to three weeks and updates the developing relief constantly. search-requests get interpreted as eroding forces on the surface of the landscape. simultaneously every entered search request is used as an energy impulse to move the milling-head on step forward. activity removes material, inactivity keeps it. in times with less activity (e.g. in the night hours) the machine works slow and at peak times (e.g. midday) the machine works very fast and hectically. the developing space/time sculpture embodies an not existing place, which is made visible by the users of the search-engine.