Leg Shocker

  • Enhanced PlayStation2 Controller

  • 2002
  • Morawe, Kirschner

Simulating soccer for home use can result in foul players. Using the LegShocker can result in playing foul. But also in a very refined handling of the ball and tactical situations.

The LegShocker is -although usefull in many of the game industry’s agreeable products- most suitably designed for EA Sport’s FIFA 2002 and FIFA World Cup 2002. The players, before putting on their football footwear, each slip into a hand-sewen shinpad and step onto a piece of professional lawn. With the controllers in their hands they face the first opponent between them and the screen. The ball. It’s used to shoot. Yes, you know this. But you can also tackle others by kicking it… A human opponent wearing the LegShocker will probably not like it….