• Interactive Installation

  • 2009
  • Keiko Takahashi
  • Diploma Project

This is an interactive installation in which small parachutes move up and down in the air, as if jellyfish are swimming in the water. The parachutes move away from someone who approaches them. It lets viewers feel invisible air, space, and time.

Ten parachutes are installed in a line being hanged by a fishing string. A step motor winds them on a reel to control the parachute moving up and down. A sensor is installed to detect approaching figures around it.

The movement of parachutes is intended to imitate the movement of jellyfish, using the air.  When a parachute moves up and down, the air comes into it, and it billows out and deflates in the air.



Jellyfish at Sakuragki Fine Arts Gallery, Tokyo
Jellyfish at Make: Tokyo
Jellyfish and Meter Crawler:Two shows in Japan