I am scared,
but I love…

  • Hoffnungsmusikbox

  • 2009
  • Jongwon Choi
  • Pre-degree project

My work is motivated by hope. If I focus on my hopes, my body responds. Then I become brave and strong and this creates hope.

“I am scared, but I love…” is an electromechanical instrument. If you focus on your hopes, openEEG (Electroencephalography) detects your hopes. Then a stepper motor and solenoid move and play a kalimba.

You will hear sounds of hope.

In my opinion, your body responds to reach your objectives.

Material: openEEG, Arduino, stepper motor (from a CD-rom drive), solenoid, laptop.

Software: Processing, Max/MSP


I am scared, but I love… (german language, PDF, 1.2 MB)