Die Alvedaranen

  • 2014
  • Johanna Faber
  • robotic installation


Five strange creatures stalking over the floor, sending rhythmic light signals to each other, creating shadows on the wall.


Where do they come from?


The work “Die Alvedaranen” presents a synthesis between the organic and technical at various levels. The robots’ angular, linear form is combined with the egg´s round and organic oval shape. This spherical shape represents entity and a cosmic principle. The egg is a prephase of the living organism.


What will emerge from these eggs?


It seems that out of the combination of the technical and the organic evolves a third state of being, which seems to be extraterrestrial.


What are they doing here?


They communicate via light, through which they also synchronize their movement. We cannot foresee exactly what they will do next, but their performance seems to follow an inner logic. The principle of multiplication or replication is also subject of the play of light and shadow on the wall. The objects are equipped with ultra sonic distance sensors and photo sensors. An intern neural oscillator generates the rhythm of lights, which leads to temporary light synchronization.