• feedback-driven Sculpture

  • 2008
  • Andreas Muxel
  • Diploma Project

Thirteen modules are connected to a matrix. Each module consists of a microcontroller, a stepper motor and a sphere of steel attached to it with a rubber band. A piezo sensor is placed between motor and sphere. So each element could measure and activate its oscillation through a simple feedback mechanism programmed on each chip. A analog bar with a magnet on each side controls the action of each of the system elements. Once a sphere is connected to the bar, it starts swinging as long as the bar detaches an rebuilds a new connection to another sphere. There is no main program outside of the sculpture and no digital connection between the elements. Each module has its own simple program logic and they just start to react to each other because of the physical connections built. No random or chaos must be simulated, because the always rebuilt physical structure of the sculpture becomes its own analogue program for non-linear behaviour. The system produces complex behaviour, although its structure and rules are very simple.



Market Forces
CONNECT at ARS Electronica Festival 2009
Arbeiten des lab3 beim lab30 2008


Three projects from Lab3 nominated at FILE PRIX LUX
Second prize at Vida awards for CONNECT
Share Prize 2009
Honorary Mention, Prix ARS Electronica
K├Âlner Design Preis 2008